Our Story

Tip-Top Parties started in 2017 and was inspired by a desire to create parties where children had the opportunity to play, craft and create together.  Taking home not only shared memories, but often exciting craft and construction activities.

We love seeing the little frowns of concentration on children’s faces as they work to create beautiful sand art, decoupage photo frames, build Lego cars and work together to build 3D marble runs.  Concentration frowns which turn into giant smiles when showing each other what they have made.

It’s great hearing laughter as they play Danger Pass the Parcel, Pass the Orange, Dress Us Relay, Balloon Drop, Find the Shoe and Chocolate Circle of Six.

Prior to setting up Tip-Top Parties our founder was a Primary school teacher for 12 years. Then her eldest daughter arrived changing everything (as it does!) and she was lucky to be able to focus on being a full time mum. A few years later her second daughter made an appearance. In between she worked as a drama teacher at a specialist Performing Arts Saturday School.  

Our hope is that you and your children have as much fun at your party as we do and have a day that stays long in your memories.